False Signs in Mont Vernon

Have you seen the signs in Mont Vernon claiming a $1 billion deficit and O’Brien’s Republican’s balancing the budget?  These signs, financed by the New Boston Republican Committee, make some false statements that are proven as such with facts by the PolitiFact article below.  We urge you to read this article to set the record straight about the budget and how Republicans from New Boston are just plain wrong.:


Here is another article worth reading about the signs:


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    EDITOR’S NOTE: The original post cited the financier of the signs as the New Boston Democratic Committee, which is wholly untrue and just simply a typographic error! The signs were financed by the New Boston Republican Committee, who continues to derive falsehoods about the 2008-2010 biennium budget. NH law states that the legislature must balance the budget every biennium, and the Democratic-led 2008-2010 legislature did just that and actually ended that biennium with a $17 million surplus? Click the link above for the facts!

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